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Things Only Adults Notice In Thor: Ragnarok

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With 2017's Thor: Ragnarok, director Taika Waititi gave us something completely different from the previous two Thor films, showing us places and characters unlike anything else in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The fantastic visuals and rapid-fire jokes were enough to dazzle movie fans of any age. But while kids might be satisfied with spectacle, once older viewers really start thinking about the movie, there are more questions than answers - especially once you factor in the events of Avengers: Infinity War. Here's a spoiler-filled look at some Thor: Ragnarok details that only adults notice...
Odin stinks at hiding things | 0:40
Where is Sif? | 1:34
Who is on Doctor Strange's watch list? | 2:24
Thor: god of… nothing? | 3:02
Valkyrie has a drinking problem | 3:50
Where is Asgard exactly? | 4:18
Infinity what now? | 4:57
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With 20 17s thor ragnarok director Taika Waititi gave us something completely different from the previous two Thor films showing us places and characters unlike anything else in the Marvel Cinematic Universe the fantastic visuals and rapid-fire jokes were enough to dazzle movie fans of any age but while kids might be satisfied with spectacle once older viewers really start thinking.

About the movie there are more questions than answers especially once you factor in the events of Avengers infinity war here's a spoiler field look at some Thor Ragnarok details that only adults notice Odin stinks at hiding things the key villain for most of Ragnarok is hellah the goddess of death who also happens to be Thor and to Loki's older sister and the oldest child of Odin hella it turns.

Out was banished by Odin hidden away in a secret prison until his death abruptly frees her suddenly the secret ain't so secret which is actually a recurring problem for Odin throughout the Thor franchise as the all-father is apparently really bad at hiding things in the first film it was the secret of Loki's frost giant birth in the second it turns out there was a secret portal.

Out of Asgard now here comes a daughter that he apparently never told his sons about and in all three cases once the secret got out people got killed if Odin were a little better at hiding these things as guard might still exist today where is SIF both of Thor's leading ladies from the previous films are suddenly and mysteriously missing in.

Thor Ragnarok Jane Foster's absence is explained with a single throwaway line saying she and Thor broke up that's a pretty casual dismissal for a star as big as Natalie Portman but it's nothing compared to what Jamie Alexander's Lady SIF gets which is in fact literally nothing aside from an actress playing her in the drama Loki stage is commemorating his own death SIF isn't.

Even mentioned in Ragnarok in the real world Alexander apparently had a julen conflict but in Ragnarok she just vanishes and nobody really seems to give a crap Marvel later piled on even more with Avengers infinity war directors Joe and Anthony Russo revealing she died off-screen in infinity war seriously.

Guys who is on dr. Strange's watchlist though the film spends less time on earth than either previous Thor Adventure Ragnarok does depict Thor and Loki 'z unexpected encounter with dr. strange who traps Loki in a pocket dimension while he has a chat with Thor about why they've come to earth I keep a watch list of individuals and beings from other realms.

That may be a threat to this world your adoptive brother Loki is one of those beings it's a fun scene but it makes you wonder who else is on that watch list is Doctor Strange the Marvel equivalent of the TSA we have a feeling we haven't seen the last of this mysterious watch list of his Thor god of nothing in addition to extreme strength durability and a lifespan much longer than that of.

A human Thor is the god of thunder which is a key plot point in Ragnarok are you saw the god of hammers hmm that hammer was to help you control your power to focus it there's no source of strength so if his body is naturally gifted with the power to channel lightning why is he so vulnerable to shocks he gets shocked by a net thrown on him by scavengers when.

He first arrives on Sekar and then is repeatedly zapped by the neck implants placed on him by Valkyrie after she captures him maybe those don't run on normal electricity or something but it's weird to see him get shocked in one scene and then pull a lightning storm out of the sky in another Valkyrie has a drinking problem the first time we meet Valkyrie she falls off her ship after.

Taking a big drink the moment is played for Laughs as our other moments involving Valkyrie and alcohol but as the story plays out we find she is using alcohol to block traumatic memories of her friends being slaughtered by hella though her addiction is mostly played for laughs when viewed as a whole Ragnarok actually presents a tragic view of a woman trying.

To drink herself into oblivion where is Asgard exactly in the first Thor film the Bifrost is the only way to get to and from Asgard which is why it's such a tragedy when it's destroyed in the second movie though we learned our actually secret portals that sometimes allow travel to and from Asgard as well okay fine in Ragnarok though all bets are off.

As people seem to be able to come and go at will simply flying spaceships to and from Asgard apparently the rules for traveling to Asgard work however the plot needs them to at any given moment as seemingly anyone can just drive there if they want so road trip anyone infinity what now speaking of all those as Guardians on that spaceship Avengers infinity war begins shortly after.

Ragnarok left off with the Asgardian refugee ship destroyed by Thanos in the carnage we see the loss of numerous as guardians but we don't know anything about what happened to Valkyrie or Korg in a Q&A at an Iowa high school of all places though infinity war co-director Joe Russo revealed that Valkyrie survived along with happy as guardians so where are they well one clue might be.

Hiding in plain sight at the end of Ragnarok as the Grand Master's pleasure cruise vessel battered but still recognizable can be seen parked on top of the larger refugee ship it's not big enough to hold everyone but Valkyrie could certainly fit and maybe even have room to bring Korg with her ears hoping


Looper • 5 месяцев назад
What other references should've made this list?
👍 344
Andrea Buxton • 3 месяца назад
Stephen Murphy any one notice Hela’s mask when they are in throne room and outside in ragnarok
👍 0
Jan Hanfred • 3 месяца назад
the hulks erectile dysfunction
👍 0
Seth Cortez • 3 месяца назад
God of Thunder: Shocked
God of Mischief: Tricked
Goddess of Death: Dies
👍 1
ARS CartoonZ • 3 месяца назад
the bifrost was used for instant travel....but it can be done by spacecraft too....but it will take a shit ton of time...
👍 0
intriguer life • 3 месяца назад
Of course half of the asgardian people including valkyre have definitely survived in that grandmasters mini vessel because when thor was saved by guardians of the galaxy he explains to gamora as 'Thanos destroyed his ship and slaughtered HALF of his people' ...which means where is the other half...may be they would have survived somewhere somehow..If you can please include this too.
👍 0
Warriorwhale20 • 2 дня назад
Asgard is not a place, it’s a people
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ankit panicker • 7 дней назад
What is "adults only" in this?
👍 0
Adam Colyer • 7 дней назад
With a little bit of thought I can figure out most of these
👍 0
Adam Colyer • 7 дней назад
I think the reason Thor is getting shocked by the electricity is because he is not controlling he does not want to make it go to him
👍 0
Abir Islam • 8 дней назад
Your voice is soo sweet😍😍😍😍😍😍
👍 0
space rubber duck • 9 дней назад
Eh, I'm 14 and i noticed most of this. And these are not the kind of things one expect when presented with the phrase "things only adults notice"
👍 0
Prashant Sakore • 10 дней назад
Most of the time people dont know what they are capable of until someone reminds them. God of thunder. Effect of electric shock.
👍 0
peri peri • 10 дней назад
"Ass" guard
👍 0
Mazahir Nalwalla • 12 дней назад
Dr Strange’s watch list:-
- Galactus,
- Celestials,
- Set,
- Dormamu,
- Mephisto,
- Dracula,
- Nightmare,
- Eternals (like Thanos),
- Chaos king,
- Kang the conqueror,
- Loki,
- Gorr,
- Apocalypse,
- Baron Mordo,
- Umar,
- Silver dagger,
- Zarathos,
- Tyrant,
- The time keepers,
- Super skrull,
- Hope and Rachel Summers,
- Stryfe,
- Overmind,
- Annihilus,
- Ares,
- Attuma,
- Beyonder,
- Darkstar,
- Mistress death,
- Dream queen,
- Ego,
- Enchantress,
- Fenris,
- Cul the serpent,
- Grandmaster,
- The collector,
- Holocaust,
- Hiro-Kala,
- Hyperion,
- Korvac,
- Krang,
- Magus,
- Mojo,
- Morbius,
- Proteus,
- Shaper of worlds,
- Shi’ar, etc.
Comment if you can think of anyone else.
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HoldShiftt2Run • 12 дней назад
I think even kids would notice alot of this. They make it pretty clear.
👍 0
HoldShiftt2Run • 12 дней назад
"Unlike anywhere else in the marvel universe." The comics?
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alucard kaizokudan • 13 дней назад
i hate jane foster.. i like sif more
👍 0
THEO Timothy • 15 дней назад
👍 1
ghostspider KGS • 17 дней назад
Well the only thing
I've noticed is
Hela's sexy walk
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Lime • 18 дней назад
mmhmm...only adults
👍 0
GoodMik Gaming • 18 дней назад
Here’s one, when Hella is wearing her crown she doesnt have lipstick on. When she doesn’t wear her crown she has lipstick on...
👍 0
Mits Pats • 22 дня назад
Waste of time
👍 0
neversayjello • 22 дня назад
how you gonna forget to mention the Grandmaster's orgies on the pleasure vessel?
👍 0
Sahil Pore • 24 дня назад
Thunder and electricity are not same
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