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360 | Jeff the Killer

Опубликовано: 1 год назад
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The boy with the broken smile is back!
Watch more 360 Horror http://bit.ly/2cqBkiV
Learn more about JTK http://www.creepypasta.com/jeff-the-killer/
Directed by Tony E. Valenzuela
Story by Christy Hinterlong & Tony E. Valenzuela
Performed By: Christy Hinterlong & Tony E. Valenzuela
CGI, Images & Camera: Tony E. Valenzuela
Edited by BlackBoxTV
Produced by BlackBoxTV Studios
Exterior Camera: Insta360 Nano
Thanks to Collab Creators, James McFadden & Eric Jacks.
Thanks to the YouTube Space Los Angeles
#horror #360 #vr
Video playing on laptop in the opening scene provided by
Check out his channel for more excellent viddies.


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friendly heavy54 • 47 минут назад
Barney the dinosaur + The joker=Jeff
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Black fluffy unicorn • 5 часов назад
Wtf is this🤣
👍 0
Hazel Olive • 9 часов назад
When your kimd of lime this is a scare tactic fam ej the only cannibal in that group (unless you count toby but i dont consider chewing on your cheek cause you cant feel pain as caniblism)
👍 1
Hazel Olive • 10 часов назад
Doll at the begining. Giving helpful info
Me: burn it
👍 1
dragonz king • 16 часов назад
The girl from the ring had a sex change.
👍 1
unique and proud • 19 часов назад
Is it bad that I want him to eat my fingers. BTW I'm a gay man
👍 2
Anime 395017 • 19 часов назад
2:07 Jeff has gone super saiyan
👍 1
emo ayato sakamaki 123 • 20 часов назад
I threw my phone at the wall..... oops!!!
👍 0
Sammy • 20 часов назад
I'm literally screaming. I read the jtk story when I was 7 and I was so fucking scared lmao
👍 0
Star Romeave • 20 часов назад
Jesus fucking Christ XD
👍 0
Eren Jaeger • 20 часов назад
That was SO cool!!!!!
👍 0
Drake Bailey • 21 час назад
HE'LL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
👍 0
Umbreon-fighter the great • 21 час назад
I got scared...for life..
👍 0
Pinkster Wolf • 21 час назад
Dude I didn't even know 360 videos like this exist! This is totally fuckin awesome!
👍 0
Matheo Estioko • 22 часа назад
Jeff:go to sleep... Go to sleep GO TO SLEEP!!!
ME:I'm not sleepy yet blah
Jeff:just go to sleep now
Me:no I said I'm not sleepy yet fine I'll go to sleep
Jeff:good now bye
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izzy comics • 22 часа назад
i only found of the words... one of them made no sense and the other i think was.... march?
👍 0
j-hope angel • 23 часа назад
This is scary but Jeff is kinda hot sometimes so yea.........
I'm weird
👍 0
kitten Killer • 23 часа назад
Was I in the video or something-"Your costume looks sh*t!!!" And "Hell no!!"
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Rj Butler-Payne • 1 день назад
Jeff: go to sleep me: hell no
👍 0
Rj Butler-Payne • 1 день назад
Jeff: go to sleep me: but why it's 11 a clock in the morning
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