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Scrambler Ducati Review (English Subtitles)

Опубликовано: 3 года назад
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Korlas bize Scrambler Ducati'yi test edelim diye verdi, biz motosikleti o kadar sevdik ki, geri vermemek için bahane kalmadı ve artık inceleme videosunu çekmek zorunda kaldık.
Scrambler Ducati Tanıtım Günleri Detayları:


Ducati Scrambler. This motorcycle, launchedin 2015 by Ducati, is perhaps the most importantmotorcycle of this year. We've gotten used tosomething with Ducati. For years, they have madetheir motorcycles to be sporty, faster, more enticing,more showy and rocket-like, the most advanced technology,the most futuristic, and with Italian design. That's how we knew them,that's what we saw. But this time, in 2015, Ducati said:"We can't advance any more, let's look to the past a bit,"and this is what they made..

It's written here! The Scramblerhas been launched - look! Ducati's Scrambler. The design features:It's quite a simple design. A basic motorcycle. An air-cooled engine,as always a tubular steel trellis chassis, (that's Ducati's signature),an old-style big long fuel tank, by the way, the side-coverscan be changed, to whatever colour you want, the logostoo change, so you can personalise it. Wide handlebars. A very comfortableseating position and a low seat. Very nice. Just look at this. You're veryrelaxed riding this, very comfortable. There's lots of room at the back too.The design is very nice..

They thought about handles for passengers,they're here, hidden under the seat. Let's look at the exhaust on theother side. One moment. There's a few different types ofexhaust available, you can have it below or in a scrambler-style above.By the way, what does 'scrambler' mean? 'Scrambler' means this: in the past,for off-road races, you know how they churn up the track,as it's a motocross track, they 'scramble' it, like scrambled egg.It comes from that 'scramble'. So a motorcycle that they use for thoseoff-road tracks is called a 'scrambler', a motorcycle that is madefor off-road tracks. The term 'scrambler' is fromway back in the '50s and '60s..

This is the first time in my life thatI've ridden a Ducati and loved it so much. Yes, I really liked the Multistrada,but in the end it's an enduro. But this, this is perfect for a city guy. We noticed something commonin all the adverts for this. They always show these beardedhipster types with bowler hats. But I doubt they would beable to ride this motorcycle. We were expecting this to be aimedat someone who listens to jazz, lives in the city, worksat an agency and the like. We thought it's probably not very fast.But it's not like that at all. For one, it's got a 75hp, 803cc,air-cooled, old-style twin-valve engine..

I tell you, the throttlejust begs to be opened! When it starts to wheelie, it is sotenacious that when you are in first gear, you open the throttle, and itstarts to wheelie by itself. It's so sweet that when youare going at 30km/h in first gear, when you open the throttle,it wheelies! They've made a motorcycle that can evengo off-road, but just light off-roading - it's more for 'off-roading' in the city. Enduro motorcycles are like this: There are guys riding around whodress like they are going to Africa just to come downoff a small pavement..

They might be rightin their own way, but... what we actually do with our motorcycles isobvious, where we actually ride is obvious. Let's forget the charade. At leastlet's be honest with ourselves. Ducati have said: "OK, so you'rebored of sports motorcycles, and their costs are sky-highall over the world anyway, Turkey is like that too now,our country has been affected too, so let's change things a bit. OK, soeveryone is switching to enduros, but people are after endurosthat they can't use. Why are you after them? Look, here theyare offering an enduro that you can use. It's a fantastic idea, beyond it's time.That's why I really like this..

In the city, on the tarmac,you can use it's 75hp for that. It doesn't get carried away, itdoesn't go berserk, it doesn't go mad. The front suspension - when youdecide to tear it up, to push the limits, normally if the suspension is alittle bit thin it flexes and bends, it rattles and bounces.But this does none of that, despite it's travel being so much,so that's very nice. Pirelli have designed a Tyreexclusively for this motorcycle. MT60 RS. There's no'Corsa' at the end. The rear Tyre is 180mm wide, 17 inch.The front is 18 inch, it's bigger, and either 110mm or 120mm I think.This Tyre combination,.

With it's soft compoundgrips the road amazingly well, and you can go on bad surfaces,if there is some gravel etc. "I'm going to do some light off-roading" -they'll do that. "I'm going to ride it on the roads" -they'll do that too. They are fantastic tyres. At themoment, as far as we know, Pirelli only put these tyres on thismotorcycle, they don't sell them otherwise. Who knows, maybe in the futurethey will put them on the market. It looks great. I was expecting itto be a motorcycle for someone who says: "I was going toget a Harley but I got this." But it wasn't like that. It goes great,it stops great, it corners great..

And while doing all that,it doesn't offer out-of-control, beyond-my-abilities power.75hp, for a guy like me, is ideal. When you combine it's 200kgor so with it's 75hp, with it's sweet power-band,with it's sweet acceleration, with it's ABS that works well,with it's having nothing superfluous, it makes me say:"This is what a motorcycle should be." Get one of these, and breathe easy.We've had this motorcycle two weeks. We got it with 0km on the clock,but it's now on about 500km. And I really gave it some gas. In all this bustle, we'vetried various excuses so as.

Not to return it to thedistributor, Korlas Motor. We broke the key, we tried other things,we tried everything to not give it back. Now I've run out of excuses, so we'rerecording this because we finally have to. I've been trying to think whatI can do to keep hold of it a bit longer, because whatever I try here to explainto you guys, I just can't describe the fun I've had these pasttwo weeks with this Scrambler. When I describe it to my friends,they say: "Yeah right, you would never love a Ducati!"But I tell you, they've done it! You need to ride this. That's whyon April 4th, there will be a test-ride day with this motorcycleat GIS Akademi, we're expecting you all..

Come and try it, and see if I'mexaggerating or not with this review. See for yourself. However, we have towarn you, if you aren't very experienced, I wouldn't recommend it. We let ourinexperienced friends ride it, when they got off their handsand feet were shaking, one said: "It's too soon for me!"We loved the Scrambler. Have a look at the four mainversions and the various accessories to find one that takes your fancy.They've got lots of different models. The price at the moment in Turkey,in March 2015 is about 30,000TL, I really like it. What else can I say? I really like it.I'm gonna get on and go..

@#&%*! It's awesome I tell you.It's a great motorcycle. It does everything.Check out that sound! What else can I say?


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