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Teachers Guess Who’s High | Lineup | Cut

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Teachers Guess Who’s High | Lineup | Cut

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(laughter) - He's high. - My name's Brian. I'm a high school English teacher. - My name is Emily. I teach new immigrantswho are learning English. - I am a youth services agent. - I will abstain from that question. - Every day, I work with kids. 1000%, and I know this for a kind of fact,.

Because kids are assholes, and I can say that becauseI don't give a shit. - Oh yes. I do, there's a proper place and time, and school is generally not it. - No, they don't get introuble, their parents do. You know when you seesomebody get out of a car and then you also seesmoke coming out of it? So my job is like goingup to them, being like, you can't do that withyour kid in the car..

Feel like I shouldn'thave to explain that. Yeah, that's the kind of school I work at. - Okay. - What's your name? - Jacob.- Cool. Jacob, nice to meet you.- Nice to meet you. - And how do you spell that?- J-A-C-O-B. - Okay, no K? - No K.- No, okay. - Immediately, this man is high. (laughs).

- I have some questions. What do grapefruitshave to do with grapes? - Uh, I don't think theyhave, is this a joke? - No, it's an actual question. - Oh, I don't know. What do they have to do with grapes? - I don't know, you tell me. - I don't know. - That phrase in generaltends to be misleading in my experience, so I wouldnot say a stoner lookin'.

At this guy. - Why is there an interstate in Hawaii? - I don't know, why is therean interstate anywhere? - I don't think he's high. You're just kind of likethinking about too logically. - I do not believe you are high. Okay, I don't get to find out immediately, okay, I'll find out later? This is great, okay, okay, hi. - I think he might be intoxicated..

- Okay, so what do you think of the book? - I like it. - That's what I do just tosee, and usually they do smell very much like, their like man perfume. - You think you're goodat catching your students? - I do. - Do you get pleasure outtacatching your students? - Yes and no. There's something that makes me feel bad, 'cause it's like I don'tlet them keep this secret..

- Why don't we go to page 12. And why don't you read this section here. - What the fuck? (laughs) - I think he's high. - I think you are high. - I am. (laughs) - Hi. - My name is Emily. - Emily, James..

- James, nice to meet you, James. Can I hug you? - Sure.- Okay, fantastic. How long have you been smoking cigarettes? - Probably 60 years. - What's your favorite cartoon ever? - I like some Zapp comicstuff from the 60's. - Okay. - Do you do impressions? - I do, but I do impressionsof people that you don't know..

I don't do 'em on purpose,they just pop out sometimes. It's just somethin' thathappens once in awhile, and I notice it butnobody else notices it. But I know that I'm doing animpression of this person. - Can you sing a nursery rhyme? - No. - Yeah, I think you're high. You kinda went on this liketangent about the impressions that you do of other people. - Not high, I think he's quite sober..

- Somethin' tells me you do smoke weed. This man is high. (laughs) Yep, and that confirmed it. So thank you. Good to know and he just left. He didn't know what he said anyhow. This is great, I'm winning kind of. - I feel the need togive you a hug as well. Can I do that? - Well, yeah.- Okay, okay..

Okay, great. - Hey, I got a good sniffer. - Do you want a little snack? - Yeah, alright. - The flamin' hot Cheetos? - You like spicy food? - Yeah, I like spicy food. I'm half Mexican. - I'm full black. (laughs).

- Do I remind you of ateacher you've ever had? - The ones that caught me smokin' weed. - Really? Did you only get caught once? - Yeah. - Okay, so you learned your lesson. - Yeah, I mean, not really, but. (laughs) - Oh, I don't. I just felt like I had aresponsibility to look out for the other students..

I'm in a portable classroom,so there's not a lot of ventilation in there. So it was like a hot box in there. And all the other kids are just like, what the fuck is that? - I think you're high. - Is it 'cause I'm blackyou think I'm high? - You're black? (laughs) No, the lids are kind of low. - I think you're highjust because this comes.

From my father, it's called nigga glare. And the fact that he'slaughing right now means that he's probablyunderstandin' what I'm sayin'. Is that cool?- I mean, I feel like you're profilin' me. (laughs) - I think he's probably high. You're just camping on them. You're just campin' on the cheetos. He's high..

- Did you smoke weed in high school? - No, oh my God, no. - Can you go to page 37? - That's 36, 37. - Okay, cool, what's thetitle of this chapter? - What the Germans lack. - Oh, okay, good, continue. - Among Germans, it isnot enough these days to have a spirited mind. - Very nicely done..

I feel like I have theanswers, is that too fast? I feel like I'm really good at this. - I don't think so, no. - I think you are not high. - I smoke weed a lot, bro. You and I look almost exactly like we shop at the same place. (laughter) What's your favoritecrunchy food or snack? - Carrots, you know..

- Let's see the Nietzsche. Before you read Nietzsche, do you have any strong thoughts on Nietzsche? - No, boring. - Boring?- Yeah, that's the main thought I think. - Okay, let's read this passage here. - You choose dialectics whenyou have no other means. You know that using it provokes mistrust, and that is not very convincing..

- So why do you think Nietzsche says, "it provokes mistrust"? I think she's high. - I don't think you're highbut you seem really fun to smoke with. - Hello.- Hello. High. (laughs) I'm so sorry. - Is that a racial thing? - No, it's not a racial, what? (laughs).

- Want some Doritos? - Kinda, but they makemy hands all cheesy. - I could just give them to you too. I can feed them to you. - I'm already holding it. - Okay, well then nevermind. - Alphabet, backwards. - Z, X, Y. - What were you gonna ask? I feel like you were gonna say something..

- No. - I think she's high. - You're the one eating allthese, I think you're high. - No, she's-- - When I'm high in front of other people, I try to be as sober aspossible, and you seem like you're trying to be as soberin front of me and with the smiling included, so I thinkyou might be a little high. - Hello, I feel likeyou look like a stoner. - I feel like this is a trick..

Oh, fuck off. - You hungry? What would you want to eat right now? - Well, they said theywere gonna give us pizza. - Yeah.- So I'm just - You're waitin' for that pizza? - I'm just waitin' for the pizza. - Do you have like a snackthat you go for each time? - Cookies. - What kind of cookies?.

- Chocolate chip. - Always?- Always. - I'm a snicker doodlekind of girl myself. - Actually, wait, let me think about it. I was always like anti-oatmealraisin for a long time, but those are like super moist. You grow up and you hita point of maturity, you're like, okay, I understandwhy oatmeal cookies exist. (laughter) You wanna see the tattoo?.

- You got a tattoo? Yeah, let me see it. Why, what does it signify? - It's my favorite dessert. - He's stoned. - I'm gonna say you're nothigh, but you really wanna get fuckin' high. - Not high. Not only were you able tohold the conversation with me, but once or twice youactually jumped in over me,.

Almost like, what's itcalled, interrupting. But I like that you tried to fake me out. - Dammit. - Fuck. Damn. (laughter) - I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry. Is this your life? - Yeah, I'm pretty used to it. (laughs).

- It must be hard gettingjobs, I'm so sorry. (laughter) - That and like, I don't know,sometimes like I don't get let into bars 'cause they'llthink I'm like drunk or high. Like, oh yeah, I can't let you in, dude. - Do you smoke weed? - Very rarely, but I like parties. - Because school fuckin' sucks. - I don't know, I just feellike don't be like punitive. Just like have a conversationwith them and understand.

Like maybe there's a lotmore going on than just like them using drugs. - We don't like come downhard on that kind of stuff the first time. I'm worried about their safety,and I worry about them going out into the world and havingsomebody else notice that they are high who could actuallyget them into serious trouble. (applause) (gentle music)


Sergio Magadan • 15 минут назад
They all seem like really cool people!!
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SCORINGSPY251 YT • 34 минуты назад
Tik tok sucks d**k
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Paige by the book • 47 минут назад
Can I please have the black guy as a teacher?😂
👍 0
candy is awsome • 52 минуты назад
The minute I saw the guy in the red jacket I knew he was high lmao
👍 0
QRonThaDon • 1 час назад
9:35 - 9:53 💯👌🏽😌😎🙏🏽
👍 0
Jayden Velez • 1 час назад
Why can’t the black teacher be all of my teachers
👍 0
#1DB in the Nation • 2 часа назад
The white teacher is the quintessence of the teachers that you hate the fucking most. She’s the call your parents for not doing homework teacher and the one that makes you read a whole fuckin book In a week kinda bitch
👍 0
MissApu_MC evet • 2 часа назад
I like Jacob u.u
👍 0
renjun anti • 2 часа назад
i got high during school once and during lunch my dumbass stared the lunch lady straight in the eyes 😭💀 now she always looks closely @ my eyes LMAO
👍 0
Dj manco • 3 часа назад
so why do you think students come high to school?
HAHAHA what a guy he doesn’t give a sh:t
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Fish fish • 3 часа назад
Hawaii has interstates because the name "interstate" really only means that the road receives federal funding and is held to other certain regulations
👍 0
PRXJEK • 4 часа назад
The people on the left looked so uncomfortable when the black teacher said “nigga glare” LMAO
👍 0
MRBOOOYA MrGamer • 4 часа назад
"I think your high because you sorta interrupt me" i interrupt people all the time especially if i disagree or have a quick response to your topic
👍 0
Tayah English • 4 часа назад
I got them all right. I am only 14 and have never touched a lit cigarette (or any drug or alcohol). The only times I have were picking up used ones. (I don't have many friends and have never been able to hang out with them.)
Some were downright creepy. The dark skinned teacher with the eccentric sweater seemed more high than any of them.
Also, all but the female wiry curly haired teacher were stereotyping.
👍 0
Ally Jindra • 4 часа назад
damn i would not want that lady as a teacher
👍 0
JohnJohnDK • 4 часа назад
Anyone else felt really high just by watching this?
👍 0
summer breeze • 5 часов назад
Look at the last guys's socks
👍 0
baylee lee • 5 часов назад
It’s crazy to me that teachers actually care and would say something about it lol there are kids that literally come into my school smelling like a bag of fucking weed and kids can come into school fucking tripping over their own feet and my friend takes xans before school and literally yelled “I POPPED XANS AND SMOKED A GRAM THIS MORNING BEFORE SCHOOL” right next to the principals office and like 3 teachers were within 20 feet of us and literally no one cared? Like at all? And there’s this dude that comes into my English class literally stoned out of his god damn mind every single day and my English either doesn’t know a thing about weed or just doesn’t give two fucks lmao
👍 0
baylee lee • 5 часов назад
Also the dude in the red hoodie is so fucking cute ??
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Jerry Smbxworld™ • 6 часов назад
The one with the red jacket did look high. However he does have a suspicious look to him. I KNEW IT WAS THE ONE WITH THE RED STOCKING!!!
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Jovan shadow Knight • 6 часов назад
Isnt it illegal
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